Have you ever dreamed of inventing robots in your garage? Of having managers lead your workers and scientists? So you can optimize your production and push your corporation to worldwide success? Then you’re in Good Company. Welcome to our Corporate Machinery Simulator.
You have a long way ahead, though. Founding and expanding your robot building empire is a huge endeavour. Let’s introduce you to the core challenges, that will await you.

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Be a backyard visionary!

A good company starts with you. From scratch, hands-on and step by step. Learn to design your first robots and earn your first bucks. Only a firm foundation will pave your road to success.

Rise from founder to leader!

Your skills grow, and so does your business. Employees will help, but you need to show them how. Hire wisely and dare to delegate. Then you can focus on designing new products and on automating your processes.

Get bigger, better, bolder!

This brings lots of decisions. What to research? Which stocks to buy? Where to advertise? And not to forget: how to protect what’s yours? Because competitors won’t sleep. So, eventually, better own them, altogether.

Share the work, share the fun!

Manufacture robots that change the world – and let them work for you, too. There are many possibilities. But why enjoy these alone, when co-op multiplies the fun? Your friends can join your cause, anytime, from anywhere, to make your Good Company even better!

Now what? Chase your dreams!

We hope you’re excited, by now. Or curious, at least. Well, please be patient. Great dreams take time. And so do we, to develop Good Company. If you’re eager to help us, we have good news: you can have First Access to Good Company, from the very beginning! Itch.io is the place to go. So don’t hesitate and find out more on how and when your new future career in the robot industry can come true.