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Release Patch Notes!
Coming 21st June, 2022

In A Nutshell

There have been many smaller and bigger changes. The most important things are listed here.
The full overview can be found further below.

Thanks to everyone who supported us during the Early Access and beyond. You made this update possible.
We’d also like to send a warm welcome to all new tycoons!

  • Extended Freeplay
    Additional maps and extended maps. More Freeplay settings and randomized starts. Progression became less strict and you can choose your own path. Additionally new products were added, as well as new skills, traits and an endgame upgrade board.
  • Multiplayer
    Play the Freeplay with up to 3 friends.
    Multiplayer is cross platform and works between all storefronts.
    There are also helpful features such as budgets, markers, floating texts and pings.
  • Campaign Finalization
    Challenges have been reworked with all the latest features. The last third of the campaign is now also complete. Play new versions of “Topple the Top” and “Eyes in Sky” plus 2 totally new levels, “Heating-Up” and “Mayor Trouble”, to save Bloomville from disaster.

    Full Overview

    • Cross Platform Multiplayer

      Connect with friends and play together, regardless where you purchased your game. Invites can happen through friend lists, invite codes or as Discord invite links.
      Simply start a Freeplay session with multiplayer enabled. After that you can copy the game code from the game chat or use the overlay to invite friends.

    • Budgets & Loans

      Budgets can be found in the financial interface. They are a great way to allocate money and success points for your peers to ensure nobody spends too much by accident. It is possible to have resources allocated automatically based on the current remaining company budget. But you can also transfer resources individually at any time.
      To overcome gaps in finacings you can also take loans from the financial panel. But remember: They will cost you a weekly interest as long as they are active.

    • Markers & Floating Text

      Besides the construction menu there is now a new entry for markers and floating text. With the help of these tools, information can be placed across company grounds to help you remember what you wanted to do or how your supply chain works.

    • New Products

      In the Freeplay and in later campaign levels, new products have been added allowing for more interesting choices. New products are Copy Machines, Computers, Multi Cookers, Massage Bots, and 3D-Printers. This also includes a variety of new modules and features fitting the new products.

    • Business Expansions

      Business Expansions are mostly available in Freeplay and can be found in the Business Development interface. You will need to unlock Milestone 10 in the Freeplay which requires you to sell 10 000 products within a year.
      Once that feat has been accomplished, two boards will open allowing you to expand markets and apply company wide buffs with the excess resources you can’t spend otherwise.

    • Skills, Manager Skills and Traits

      Up until now, employees could only be taught simple skills. There were many with little effect, with hundreds of employees a single one still did not hold much weight. We streamlined the skills, removing many weak versions and removing skill requirements for tables. Instead we’ve introduced manager skills which have an effect on the whole zone or Route. There can be more than one manager per zone or route, but the same effect won’t stack twice for employees.
      Traits are also new. When Employees level up to a maximum of level 5 they have a chance to learn a trait for free. Traits get better as the employees reach higher levels and each employee will get one trait guaranteed at some point as long as the employee has enough skill slots.

    • Campaign: Final Chapter

      The last two levels, ‘Topple the Top’ and ‘Eyes in the Sky’ got a rework fitting now with the rest of the campaign. But that’s not all. The final chapter will come to a conclusion with the new levels ‘Heating-Up’ and the finale ‘Mayor Trouble’. Not only will you learn more about Dad’s, Goodman’s and Vaillant’s past, you’ll also arrive in Bloomville the blooming center of Good County and help Mayor Rubio to fend off the worst crisis the county has ever faced.

    • Game Manual 2.0

      The all new manual combines the functionality of the info browser with the game manual. The information from the info browser has been extended and made searchable just as the rest of the manual. Information on all tables have also been added to the manual.
      From the game manual and other places in the UI recipes can be pinned so you won’t lose track of what you were planning to build.
      The new game manual will include many new chapters and explanations including image and video material, from the very basics to advanced functionality including conveyor belt systems and market shares.

    • Production Statistics 2.0

      The new production statistics can now be filtered by zones. You can access them from each zone. These production statistics are very detailed and are now running past 7 days instead of the previous full week to have data more quickly available.

    • Recipe and Table Copy

      We’ve added some QoL so you can copy recipes from a table with CTRL + LMB or copy the entire table with CTRL + RMB. You can apply copied recipes to existing tables with SHIFT + LMB.
      In case you don’t remember the shortcuts we’ve also added UI buttons for those functions in the table interfaces!

    • New Achievements

      We’ve added the final achievements. Now not only the GOG and Steam versions, but also the Epic version is supporting all the cool achievements. Some older achievements have been updated to fit the content but many more have been added, 76 in total.

    • Performance Optimization

      We got many reports about poor performance on some machines. As a result, we’ve made a lot of performance improvements, reducing the usage of the CPU and enabling especially weaker machines to run Good Company. The usage of system resources now scales much better with larger company sizes. We’ve also added some settings to limit the hardware usage.
    • More and Bigger Freeplay Maps

      The maps for the levels “The Machinery” and “Mayor Trouble” have been added to the Freeplay selection. Additionally, the maps “Circuit Plains” and “Golden Acres” have been expanded with additional buildings.
      Information about map size and recommended player amount can be found on the map selection.

    • Expanded Freeplay Settings

      Freeplay settings have been expanded, including the presets to accommodate new features and possible multiplayer settings. This enables higher budgets, more freedom at the start and more advanced tech levels from the go.

    • Minimap Updates

      With ALT + LMB you can now ping locations, visible for your co-workers also on the minimap. The minimap has been improved with more consistent behaviour and assigned a hotkey (default: M).
      In multiplayer you can now also see where other players are currently looking at.

    • Randomization

      The start of new Freeplay games is now randomized to a certain degree. This includes starting buildings, technology and markets (starting markets and market phases).

    • Reorganized Modules/Research

      We’ve merged Flexibility and Strength features, toned down the requirements for certain module groups and restructured the usage of cases to make it clear and easier. Also a new Style feature has been added for better cases increasing the price for products.

    • Updated Business Development

      Because of some changes in the content the Business Development projects have changed. More importantly, the business development tree, but also the market development tree, are less interconnected and allow for a more free approach in Freeplay.

    • Happiness Adjustments

      New factors that increase or decrease happiness have been added. We removed punishments on zone sizes and started to reward the smart usage of managers. Couriers are now also more likely to be affected by positive happiness changes increasing the fluctuation in their happiness.

    • CEO Characters

      CEOs are no longer directly controlled by the player. Instead, they work just as normal employees. They’ll keep their attire no matter the job they are performing and have special traits unique to CEOs.
      Every player of a multiplayer session contributes their personal CEO character to the company.

    • Challenge Updates

      ‘Pocket Conquest’, ‘Welfare Survival’ and ‘Money Rush’ have been reworked including better communication of the challenge rules and including new mechanics like loans.
      Also all challenges now have some variance to the maps. Ever wondered what Beck’s Bakery would look like at the beach? The final reset of the high scores will happen with the Release Update!

    • Production Balancing

      Since we no longer have skills requirements for other skills, higher tier tables now have an upkeep. The production times and production possibilities have been updated as well with several recipes being changed.
      While some recipes will seem to be harder at first, you might find that scaling will be easier later on.

    • Company Goal System

      From now on all Company Goals that are possible to complete can pop up from the very beginning in the Freeplay. But instead of seeing them all there will always be a selection of 6 + the one committed from the previous quarter.
      You don’t need to worry about commiting to a goal early anymore, since goals start tracking once the quarter starts. One less item to worry about when playing multiplayer.
      Additionally there are now variations of company goals that earn you the same reward. Completing one goal from that selection will level up any other goal of that type.

    • Freeplay Milestones

      The instructions in Freeplay have been removed and the milestones have been replaced with simple production tasks which will be a benchmark for your company's performance. Every time you reach a new milestone, monetary rewards and other things await you with unlocking Business Expansions on level 10.

    • Further Rebalancing

      Many minor adjustments have been made in the balancing: amount of skill points earned , production times, research cost, and even markets. But don’t let us tell you how hard the game should be. You have plenty of options to customize your Freeplay experience!

    • Bug Fixes & Stability

      There have been hundreds of smaller bug fixes and stability improvements for already existing content and features. We’ve improved graphics in most maps and fixed glitches here and there. There have been bug fixes in company goals, policies that previously didn’t apply properly and markets that used to act up. We fixed all the known issues leading to crashes or freezes. And finally, conveyor belts operate far smoother now. They ignore empty storage they should push into less often which increases the average transportation frequency in longer chains.


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