Good Company

Have you ever dreamed of starting a high-tech company in your garage, being in close contact with your growing staff and eventually developing all kinds of robots? Then you’re in Good Company. Welcome to our Corporate Machinery Simulator!

You have a long road ahead, though. Founding and expanding your robot building empire is a huge adventure. Let’s introduce you to the core challenges that await you.

Be a backyard visionary!

A good company starts with you, hands-on. From producing simple components to learning more advanced techniques and designing your first product, only a firm foundation will pave your road to success.

Rise from founder to leader!

Your skills grow, and so does your business. Employees will help, but you need to show them how. Hire wisely and start to delegate. Then you can focus on designing new products and automating your processes.

Get better, bigger, bolder!

This brings lots of decisions. Which markets to focus on? How to expand your factory? What technologies to research? You will have to make bold moves. So make sure your staff always have your back.

Share the work, share the fun!

Manufacture robots that change the world. There are so many possibilities. And should being a boss get too complex, cooperation might be the magic word. Your friends can join your cause, anytime from anywhere.

Now what? Chase your dreams!

We hope you are more than curious about Good Company by now. If you’re eager to follow – or even support – our development of the game, subscribe to the newsletter and check our other channels to stay updated. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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